Hello World


Hello world, I’m a new blogger who is new to the blogging world. I’m a black female blogger seeking to connect with individuals who look like me and understand where I am coming from. I struggle living in a white supremacist society where images being presented to me oppress black people. Anger, trauma and resentment is always present because of this but however I pick myself up and know that I am a strong black woman that can make a change in the  world.

It is very important for black men, boys, and especially women and girls to see themselves in their own image, it is VERY important to have positive narratives to represent the black community.

In the UK there are not enough black spaces for black people in general to have a conversation and connect with each other. Integration has destroyed that from happening in the UK. Here I remain in the UK as a black woman but I still have faith and remain strong that I can connect with other black people who feel the same as I do. #BlackGirlMagic #BlackGirlsRock

Black Hair Matters


It is our identity, our truth. Our link traced back to our ancestors. Black hair is a symbol of pride, strength, and courage. I had an experience of a white woman feeling the need to touch my lace wig……the look I gave her she knew I was about to slap the shit out of her. Afro hair is not to be poked at or touched like we are some animals at the zoo. I still find it annoying that you as a black woman in a western mainstream society cannot have your hair natural in the workplace or even at school.

Well, I’m here to tell my melanin sistas this…..don’t ever let mainstream society determine how your hair should look like on any day. It’s disrespectful and even more disrespectful for a white woman mainly can braid her hair and call it boxer braids (cultural appropriation). A black woman/girl wears her hair in bantu knots and its considered “unkempt, ghetto” and gets suspended from work or school?!?! #HowSway SMH!!

Black women criticized for making a statement with our hair that is then stolen by communities with privilege. Our culture is not only symbolic but they matter.