#Black Minds Matter

In honor of Mental Health Day we have to tell our stories the right way because the West does not represent us let alone acknowledge black people’s struggles with mental health. We need to create spaces where we can talk about our struggles surrounding mental health and well-being. Our black men are told that crying is weak and they should “toughen up”. This only harms rather than heals and that is not okay to express when you are hurting inside. If this negative stigma is not removed we are then allowing the next generation to go through the same trauma and generational curse without access to any counselling or mental health improvement that can improve their health and well-being.

It is not our job to hold these white healthcare professionals to task because deep down black people know that they do not care about our health or represent us. They feel black women don’t go through any pain, there is racial bias, and they intentionally misdiagnose us and also poison our black children. To protect ourselves and our children from racial misdiagnosis I feel we need more black practitioners and doctors in the mental health field because they understand us and what we experience with the ups and downs with mental health

Too many black people strugagle in darkness and it’s important for us to realize that no matter how strong we are we may struggle at some point with mental health. You are not alone and it’s time we help each other and offer each other help because that leads to the true healing we need.

Dark Skin Is Not A Crime

I always knew how powerful I am as a melanin rich chocolate woman.. Black girls have to know that as well. Promotion of positive images and encouragement for dark skin black women and girls can greatly improve the way they feel about themselves. It’s to have important to have our own lane and platform where we can be seen and uplifted. The lack of promotion for dark skin black women and girls is the norm so they think that they don’t deserve praise or something is wrong with them for wanting to be seen or elevated.

Dark skin black women and girls like me should support platforms that celebrate us and where we don’t have to beg to celebrate us. Creating images of dark skin black women and girls is always a confidence booster for them. Black parents should be educating their dark skin black children especially girls on colorism and encourage them on loving their skin color. It is very therapeutic and empowering to talk about it and how to respond to it. By doing this black women and girls will bee able to navigate the world in a way that will enhance their life and well-being

Feminism Ain’t For Black Women

Black women should not be caping for white feminism due to the fact that there is  a historic erasure of black women who do not fit the white straight female norm. Black women’s experiences with inequality and sexism is different to white women. Black women are paid 65 cents to white women who receive 78 cents to the dollar. Black trans women are murdered and told that they are not “real women”. Black women are targets for police brutality. White women are praised when talking about issue about race, class, and gender but the second a black women decides to make a statement about black issues and black culture she is labelled the “angry black women”. 

Black women still fight to this day to defeat the one-sided face that is white feminism and continue to bring to the forefront the importance of intersectional feminism. Through history women such as Ida B. Wells and Sojourner Truth fought for inclusion for black women. We must confront and tackle these issues that there is more than just a white POV to the feminist branch. I give thanks and I am proud to have come from a lineage of black women who are fearless and speak truth to power. 

I Love My Black Ariel

What’s the problem white ppl? Tired 40 year old white folks fussin’ over a black mermaid is laughable to me. What’s even worse is they are trying to hide their racism by making a big deal over Ariel’s hair color!?! We only got 2 black Disney characters (Tiana & Moana) so it’s so refreshing to see Halle Bailey going to play Ariel and I’m here for it.

My only concern which I wouldn’t be surprised is Ariel’s prince being white. When I was growing up I was brainwashed to believe white is the standard norm in fairy tale books to cartoons that you should look up to as a black child. I never even stopped to think that there were no dark skin DIsney characters on TV that looked like me. I’m pretty sure that black boys and girls felt exactly the same way. It’s about time Disney gets their foot out of their asses and start showing a diverse range of melanin characters for black children.

Telling Our Stories


“The danger of the black community not controlling their overall narrative is that anyone can say what they want to say about you and the world will believe it”- Samantha X

What I’ve found through the success of Get Out and Hidden Figures is that the lens of the story is not being told from a black point of view. There is an absence of black narratives and stories being told in the UK. The images still portrayed on te-lie-vision in the UK shows that black people can only play dark roles (thug, drug dealer) or play the role of a mammie or slave. The British Film Institute shows that between 2006-2016 British films have only 0.5% of roles played by black people. This is why it is important to take misrepresentation about black people in the UK. This includes LGBTQ and disabled black people as well. It is crucial for the future generations of black boys and girls. When a black child does not see positive images of themselves in cartoons, movies, books, etc. they feel that they have no one that they can aspire to be like when they grow up.

I want to see posters of popular film/TV with black actors/actresses, writers and directors showcase their talent, showcase their authenticity in the characters that they bring to life.

Black people also need an opportunity to have an easy access to any role within mainstream media. Hence why I cannot relate to a lot of things I see on TV because I do not see myself being represented. There needs to be a balance of different black British experiences and not the same ol’ story. #PERIODT

Unlocking Your Ancestral Power Is Powerful!!

I feel so good to make my intentions and to have that intention manifest before my very eyes. It started with oils, crystals, candles, and then herbs. Prayer wasn’t enough for me and I needed an extra oomph with my prayers in order to see results.

Unlocking your ancestral power connects you to your ancestors’ energy for guidance so you can regain your supernatural power. The wisdom of my ancestors is key to unlocking who I really am. The science of breath and meditation through African spiritual traditions offer powerful tools for transformation in order for me to gain insight into my purpose.

Once we realize that we are more powerful than what we have been socialized to believe through false perceptions of westernized Christianity and our spirituality/identity being stolen away from us….we can strive for truth, clarity, and authenticity.

It’s time to tap into our authentic spirituality and use the ancestors, their spirit to heal and strengthen our future selves.

Fxxx White Saviors

Until we have sensible intelligent white people who are strictly going to Africa to use their platform to make a difference and strive to improve the poor conditions in the Motherland……we will continue to have exploitation of Africa’s resources and the people. There are too many images of a white person standing around a load of black children brainwashing the public making us think that their experience in Africa “changed their life”. Hugging and taking pictures with black children is not enough. You need to be qualified and educated, learn the culture, speak and work with the people in these African communities to improve the economic conditions. That is the best thing you can do as an ally.

The negative images of Africa is portrayed on a daily basis through social media and on the te-LIE-vision. Black people and especially African people throughout the African diaspora must wake up to the brainwashing that is going on. What money have these white-owned charities contributed to aid in propelling Africa forward?!?! Not a goddamn thing!! Sounds like systematic financial oppression to me.

None of the money you give to these charities (Action Aid, Feed The Children, etc) reaches the people of the poverty stricken areas of Africa. We need African people from the developing countries armed with the knowledge and experience building health clinics or building homes for families. We need to learn how to do for self. What we don’t need is white individuals stepping in Africa with little to no experience acting as tour guides and only coming to Africa only to fill your pockets from whatever charity you work for.

These white-washed charities must educate themselves first on how these African countries become poor in the first place which is colonialism and systematic oppression instead of going there to provide a service they do not even understand themselves. #PERIODT

The Exonerated 5

I had a good ol’ crying after watching Ava Duvernay’s triggering captivating depiction of 5 boys being dehumanized and criminalized in the worst possible way. No amount of money can replace their youth being stolen from them. All the actors ESPECIALLY Jharrel Jerome who played the character of Korey deserve an Oscar for beautifully portraying the lives of 5 innocent black and Latino boys.

After the traumatizing horrific events that these 5 brave courageous men went through after being labelled and villified through the media as “wolfhounds” and “thugs” even though there was no evidence or DNA to prove them guilty of the crime committed in 1989. This just goes to shoow how corrupt the criminal justice system is towards black people. They don’t see human beings, they see predators which makes them the real devils because of their racist white supremacist thinking. They will do whatever it takes to crucify a black person and institutionalize them.

I will never bring my children into a society that is racist as we are still to this day living in a world where black people are treated unequally and I want to give those 5 men a hug. I feel or them and they truly are an inspiration for me through their strength and courage. They are truly warriors. Antron, Kevin, Yussef, Ray, & Korey I salute you. May God continue to bless and protect you. #TheExonerated5

Why Cultural Appropriation Is Problematic

“If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…..you get the picture, it’s probably blackface” – Micha Frazer-Carroll

Western mainstream media is so fast to invalidate our culture and at the same time stealing and erasing us from the planet like we do not exist. You love the but hate the black people behind that culture. We got Becky’s out here looking like a whole cookie monster with this blackfishing trend. And yet they don’t see anything wrong with it. These features have been embedded in black culture for centuries.

To think in the 19th century Venus Hottentot (Saartjie Baartman was exploited as a circus freak for her large butt. She was not even given a proper burial, her body parts on display in Europe for over 150 years. Ironically white women began to wear “bustles” that shows the exact figure that Saartjie was being ridiculed and criticized for.

This very contradicting stigma not only exploits but also dehumanizes black women making them feel inferior and not on an equal playing field to other races. When society begins to view black people especially lack women as human beings rather than just an object only then will future generations of black children begin to value themselves in a positive light.

Power Of The Black Collective

I am a dark skin black woman who was born in the UK and was raised in the USA. I moved back to the UK and have been living in the UK since 2006. I do not identify with being American or British because neither of the two respect or honor black people and wish to kill us off through food to the air and the environment. They love the fact and promote us fighting with each other and violence and we need to wake up to what they are doing to us. I don’t care where you are from as a black man or woman I love you and respect you.

I am so lucky to be raised in USA because it has opened to eyes to see how black people in the UK are treated and we are NOT treated better than black people in USA. We are systematically kept from connecting with each other and realizing our potential as well as knowing and learning from each other.

I realize that not all skinfolk are kinfolk and not every black person is going to make it. But for the conscious black folk, we must unite and work together. Keep our black business to ourselves for you know thes white demons like to stick their noses into what we have going on and I’d like to tell the Becky’s and Tom’s of the world to mind their white business. Black people you are great and powerful!!!