#Black Minds Matter

In honor of Mental Health Day we have to tell our stories the right way because the West does not represent us let alone acknowledge black people’s struggles with mental health. We need to create spaces where we can talk about our struggles surrounding mental health and well-being. Our black men are told that crying is weak and they should “toughen up”. This only harms rather than heals and that is not okay to express when you are hurting inside. If this negative stigma is not removed we are then allowing the next generation to go through the same trauma and generational curse without access to any counselling or mental health improvement that can improve their health and well-being.

It is not our job to hold these white healthcare professionals to task because deep down black people know that they do not care about our health or represent us. They feel black women don’t go through any pain, there is racial bias, and they intentionally misdiagnose us and also poison our black children. To protect ourselves and our children from racial misdiagnosis I feel we need more black practitioners and doctors in the mental health field because they understand us and what we experience with the ups and downs with mental health

Too many black people strugagle in darkness and it’s important for us to realize that no matter how strong we are we may struggle at some point with mental health. You are not alone and it’s time we help each other and offer each other help because that leads to the true healing we need.

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