Power Of The Black Collective

I am a dark skin black woman who was born in the UK and was raised in the USA. I moved back to the UK and have been living in the UK since 2006. I do not identify with being American or British because neither of the two respect or honor black people and wish to kill us off through food to the air and the environment. They love the fact and promote us fighting with each other and violence and we need to wake up to what they are doing to us. I don’t care where you are from as a black man or woman I love you and respect you.

I am so lucky to be raised in USA because it has opened to eyes to see how black people in the UK are treated and we are NOT treated better than black people in USA. We are systematically kept from connecting with each other and realizing our potential as well as knowing and learning from each other.

I realize that not all skinfolk are kinfolk and not every black person is going to make it. But for the conscious black folk, we must unite and work together. Keep our black business to ourselves for you know thes white demons like to stick their noses into what we have going on and I’d like to tell the Becky’s and Tom’s of the world to mind their white business. Black people you are great and powerful!!!

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