Why Cultural Appropriation Is Problematic

“If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…..you get the picture, it’s probably blackface” – Micha Frazer-Carroll

Western mainstream media is so fast to invalidate our culture and at the same time stealing and erasing us from the planet like we do not exist. You love the but hate the black people behind that culture. We got Becky’s out here looking like a whole cookie monster with this blackfishing trend. And yet they don’t see anything wrong with it. These features have been embedded in black culture for centuries.

To think in the 19th century Venus Hottentot (Saartjie Baartman was exploited as a circus freak for her large butt. She was not even given a proper burial, her body parts on display in Europe for over 150 years. Ironically white women began to wear “bustles” that shows the exact figure that Saartjie was being ridiculed and criticized for.

This very contradicting stigma not only exploits but also dehumanizes black women making them feel inferior and not on an equal playing field to other races. When society begins to view black people especially lack women as human beings rather than just an object only then will future generations of black children begin to value themselves in a positive light.

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