Unlocking Your Ancestral Power Is Powerful!!

I feel so good to make my intentions and to have that intention manifest before my very eyes. It started with oils, crystals, candles, and then herbs. Prayer wasn’t enough for me and I needed an extra oomph with my prayers in order to see results.

Unlocking your ancestral power connects you to your ancestors’ energy for guidance so you can regain your supernatural power. The wisdom of my ancestors is key to unlocking who I really am. The science of breath and meditation through African spiritual traditions offer powerful tools for transformation in order for me to gain insight into my purpose.

Once we realize that we are more powerful than what we have been socialized to believe through false perceptions of westernized Christianity and our spirituality/identity being stolen away from us….we can strive for truth, clarity, and authenticity.

It’s time to tap into our authentic spirituality and use the ancestors, their spirit to heal and strengthen our future selves.

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