Fxxx White Saviors

Until we have sensible intelligent white people who are strictly going to Africa to use their platform to make a difference and strive to improve the poor conditions in the Motherland……we will continue to have exploitation of Africa’s resources and the people. There are too many images of a white person standing around a load of black children brainwashing the public making us think that their experience in Africa “changed their life”. Hugging and taking pictures with black children is not enough. You need to be qualified and educated, learn the culture, speak and work with the people in these African communities to improve the economic conditions. That is the best thing you can do as an ally.

The negative images of Africa is portrayed on a daily basis through social media and on the te-LIE-vision. Black people and especially African people throughout the African diaspora must wake up to the brainwashing that is going on. What money have these white-owned charities contributed to aid in propelling Africa forward?!?! Not a goddamn thing!! Sounds like systematic financial oppression to me.

None of the money you give to these charities (Action Aid, Feed The Children, etc) reaches the people of the poverty stricken areas of Africa. We need African people from the developing countries armed with the knowledge and experience building health clinics or building homes for families. We need to learn how to do for self. What we don’t need is white individuals stepping in Africa with little to no experience acting as tour guides and only coming to Africa only to fill your pockets from whatever charity you work for.

These white-washed charities must educate themselves first on how these African countries become poor in the first place which is colonialism and systematic oppression instead of going there to provide a service they do not even understand themselves. #PERIODT

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