Feminism Ain’t For Black Women

Black women should not be caping for white feminism due to the fact that there is  a historic erasure of black women who do not fit the white straight female norm. Black women’s experiences with inequality and sexism is different to white women. Black women are paid 65 cents to white women who receive 78 cents to the dollar. Black trans women are murdered and told that they are not “real women”. Black women are targets for police brutality. White women are praised when talking about issue about race, class, and gender but the second a black women decides to make a statement about black issues and black culture she is labelled the “angry black women”. 

Black women still fight to this day to defeat the one-sided face that is white feminism and continue to bring to the forefront the importance of intersectional feminism. Through history women such as Ida B. Wells and Sojourner Truth fought for inclusion for black women. We must confront and tackle these issues that there is more than just a white POV to the feminist branch. I give thanks and I am proud to have come from a lineage of black women who are fearless and speak truth to power. 

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