I Love My Black Ariel

What’s the problem white ppl? Tired 40 year old white folks fussin’ over a black mermaid is laughable to me. What’s even worse is they are trying to hide their racism by making a big deal over Ariel’s hair color!?! We only got 2 black Disney characters (Tiana & Moana) so it’s so refreshing to see Halle Bailey going to play Ariel and I’m here for it.

My only concern which I wouldn’t be surprised is Ariel’s prince being white. When I was growing up I was brainwashed to believe white is the standard norm in fairy tale books to cartoons that you should look up to as a black child. I never even stopped to think that there were no dark skin DIsney characters on TV that looked like me. I’m pretty sure that black boys and girls felt exactly the same way. It’s about time Disney gets their foot out of their asses and start showing a diverse range of melanin characters for black children.

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