The Exonerated 5

I had a good ol’ crying after watching Ava Duvernay’s triggering captivating depiction of 5 boys being dehumanized and criminalized in the worst possible way. No amount of money can replace their youth being stolen from them. All the actors ESPECIALLY Jharrel Jerome who played the character of Korey deserve an Oscar for beautifully portraying the lives of 5 innocent black and Latino boys.

After the traumatizing horrific events that these 5 brave courageous men went through after being labelled and villified through the media as “wolfhounds” and “thugs” even though there was no evidence or DNA to prove them guilty of the crime committed in 1989. This just goes to shoow how corrupt the criminal justice system is towards black people. They don’t see human beings, they see predators which makes them the real devils because of their racist white supremacist thinking. They will do whatever it takes to crucify a black person and institutionalize them.

I will never bring my children into a society that is racist as we are still to this day living in a world where black people are treated unequally and I want to give those 5 men a hug. I feel or them and they truly are an inspiration for me through their strength and courage. They are truly warriors. Antron, Kevin, Yussef, Ray, & Korey I salute you. May God continue to bless and protect you. #TheExonerated5

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